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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Support for Children's Wish

If you haven't heard about it yet, this guy – Sam Sung – a former employee of Apple, is auctioning his only remaining business card and donating all the money to charity.

He said he is just doing it for fun and for charity. Aren't you amused by his creativity and generosity? I am. If you wish to take part in this game (which is not really a game because it is for a serious cause), click here for more information.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hiking in Hong Kong: Lion Rock

I never considered myself an outdoor kind of gal, but recently I discovered the enjoyment of nature trails. It must be the pleasant spring weather in Hong Kong these days, plus the relatively not-so-difficult paved trails, which make hiking in Hong Kong a fun activity even for a novice like me.

My first write-up under this topic is about Lion Rock, which is a hill in Kowloon that is shaped like a lion's head and has spectacular views of Hong Kong island, Kowloon peninsula and New Territories. It is a popular trail for locals and tourists alike, probably because of its accessibility. The hike starts at the Wong Tai Sin MTR station, right behind the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple.

Before you start your hike, make sure you are well prepared and equipped with the essentials: a bottle of water or energy drink, trail food, insect repellent and probably a hiking pole. Of course, hiking shoes with good traction work best for the up and down climbs.

To get to the lion's head, you must first endure an hour of uphill walk along Shatin Pass Road, a paved road where vehicles also pass. (Alternatively, you may also take a taxi on this road to take you to the entrance of the Lion Rock Country Park.) Once you reach the entrance to the country park, just follow the signs / path. After an hour, you will see a sign pointing towards the Lion Rock Peak. Follow that sign!

After about half an hour of strenuous climb, you will be rewarded with a view like this:

Now is the time to rest, take a deep breath and just soak in the views. It's up to you whether you'd like to continue on to the Lion Rock (the rock at the centre of the photo above).

To go back to 'civilisation', just keep going and follow the trail. Along the way, you might see monkeys – don't feed them, touch them or tease them ... you wouldn't want to get into trouble now that your adventure is about to end!

Keep following the paved path until you reach the entrance of Lion Rock Park. From there, make your way back to Wong Tai Sin station by following the sign to the MTR.

Congratulations, you just conquered Lion Rock!