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Monday, 12 August 2013

Back from the Philippines

By on Monday, August 12, 2013

It's been three days since we have returned to Hong Kong and I'm already missing the Philippines! Two weeks may seem short in terms of Hong Kong days but in the Philippines, it was just enough time for us to fulfil the things that we have been wanting to do.

1. Was able to live in Bonifacio Global City (while it was still under Taguig)

I don't really mind which jurisdiction it falls under but I've always fancied living there before we moved to Hong Kong. I thought my feelings would change after being able to experience life in a bigger city but it didn't. Probably because this year, I did not drive and experience the horrible traffic along C-5.

2. Was able to buy Keds sneakers, which could not be found in Hong Kong

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of international brands that are not sold in Hong Kong but are already available in the Philippines. Also, most brands that are available in Hong Kong are already being sold in the Philippines – and are not out of stock!

3. Attended five parties in two weeks

What makes it more fun in the Philippines is that people just love to find reasons to celebrate. And when there are celebrations, there are drinks, food and music. As such, I was able to eat all of my favourite Filipino food and see friends and family at the same time.

4. Saw a couple of our investments

It never really occurred to me that I will be an overseas Filipino worker someday but while I am one today, we might as well take advantage of its perks. Of course, we will be returning to the Philippines when the time is right so it's best to be prepared.

5. Visited the doctor

Clinics in Hong Kong may have more high-tech medical equipments but we still prefer to have our check-ups in the Philippines. Not only are the medical staff more hospitable, but the services are also cheaper. Believe it or not, the waiting time and the queues are also shorter.

6. Spa, foot spa and pedicure

Same as above, these services are also cheaper in the Philippines, and the waiting time and queues are also shorter. Probably because there are more establishments to choose from and more space/staff are available. They also seem more hygienic in the Philippines, I think!

7. Went fishing

This is just one of the things that we have never done in Hong Kong but fortunately had the time to do so in the Philippines. Although we weren't lucky enough to catch a fish that day, we were still lucky to be able to have this experience that day as an oil spill happened the following day!

All in all, I would say that our trip this year had the perfect timing – perfect weather, perfect scheduling of events, and the most number of accomplishments done within two weeks. Now the challenge is how to enjoy being back in Hong Kong. Because honestly, there's nothing much to do here but to earn and spend money ...

Iza A.

Iza A. is a former writer and freelance editor in the Philippines. She now lives in Hong Kong and works in an office. She enjoys blogging during her free time, which explains why she doesn't blog as frequently as she used to anymore.


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